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In the summer month from June/July till August/September you can expect up to 100% wind days over the month. Board short and rush west or a Shorty are way enough, because the temperature of the water is really warm (up to 28 degree) und the wind blows nonstop with 20-25 or more knots.

In autumn October/November and in the spring time from March till May you can still expect up to 70% wind days. Shorty or long john are reasonable ; the water is still or already warm (20-25 degree) , but trough the wind there will be a wind chill effect.

In the winter month December/January/February you can expect up to 50-60% wind days. The temperatures of the water in the gulf of aquaba will never be below 19 degree. A wetsuit is still recommendet.

Weather/wind forecast you will find here:


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